Welcome to the Minecraft Ps3 Edition WikiEdit

Minecraft Is an awesome Sandbox game that lets you do WHATEVER YOU WANT. You can build awesome castles or towers, even a humongous village! Minecraft can be on many different consoles and phones, but this Wiki is about the Playstation 3 Edition. Feel free to exchange Usernames to play Minecraft together!

The history of Minecraft.Edit

It all started when a guy named Notch was challenged to make a game in only one day, he made it, and it was Minecraft. It wasn't the Minecraft we know and love today. in fact, it wasn't even called Minecraft, it was called The Cave Game, even though it didn't have caves, it just had dirt and stone. Soon his friends saw it and told him it was great, and that he should add to it, so he made trees, randomly spawning caves, mobs, and tools. Soon he named it Minecraft. He asked some companies if he could put it as a downloadable game for the Pc, they gladly said yes. He made many updates to Minecraft on the Pc, until he met a guy named Jeb, Who showed him a company named 4j studios, and mojang, who he then partnered up with and put it on the xbox and Playstation.

Latest activityEdit

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